DAMNmodel Nea in Playboy on six pages

Check August issue of Playboy Hrvatska with our model Nea Dune including brands Aesop Originals Clothing, Dragonfly brand, Nail Pop LLC and Hit_N_Licks Clothing. Great article on full sex pages, including interview with Nea and great photos, made our photographer and Model Villy V. In October Playboy issue another two DAMNmodels from United Kingdom will represent Phaze Clothing, also UK alternative brand. More info soon.




Photoshoot for Hit N’ Licks

Collaboration with Hit N’ Lick was fantastic and we are ready for new round. Nea Dune and Villy V. made a good job and one of these pictures was published over whole page of Playboy Croatia, August issue. This American brand will continue to work with us and we are ready for new challenges. Check out our gallery and much more Hit N’ Licks photos with DAMNmodels you can find on their web page and social network pages.

Giant Vintage – giant gallery!

Everything with Giant Vintage must be giant. So we delivered really giant gallery with five DAMNmodels; Villy V, Greta MaCabre, Agyness Frozen, Cleopatra Bionda and Nea Dune. New package with Giant Vintage Sunglasses will arrive soon and our new gallery will be even bigger with new DAMNmodels. Also, check this web in near future for Giant Vintage giveaway. More details soon!

Photoshoot for Nailpop LLC!

We definitely love Nailpop LLC and they love DAMNmodels. Our models Villy V. and Nea Dune started with potential huge series of high quality photos. Check this gallery and wait for more. If you want original, attractive, provocative and absolutely unique nails visit their official website Check this website for future Nailpop giveaway!

Photoshoot for Dragonfy!

Dragonfly, famous pole wear brand from Czech Republic and DAMNmodel Nea Dune… Love at first sight. We took a photos during her training process and finally we have fantastic results. But, this is not end of the story. Some of these photos are published in Playboy Croatia, August issue. Check out our gallery with some picked photos.We will collaborate with Dragonfly again. Can’t wait!

Photoshoot for Aesop Originals!

Five models, one brand! Yes, Aesop Originals, LA based brand with awesome t-shirts. Villy V., Nea Dune, Cleopatra Bionda, Kelly Sabrina and Hayley Leggs posed on numerous locations. But, this is just a beginning of successful collaboration. Soon, you can expect more photos, more videos and more models. Check out our gallery (38 from more than 150 pics) and wait for more.

Photoshoot for YRU!

Check out our gallery with photos from Y.R.U. photoshoot! Our Model Agyness Frozen got a chance to present two Y.R.U. shoe models: Angyl – beautiful heels with angel wings, and Katana – sandals in rainbow colors. Photos are taken on few locations in Zagreb trying to follow urban style of Y.R.U. brand. Hope you will enjoy the gallery!

Photoshoot for Rudechix!

Hello DAMNaddicts! Check our gallery and some great shoots for Rudechix brand with our DAMNmodels Creopatra Bionda, Villy V and Jasper! We have a lot of fun and also some danger in this shoot, but that’s story for itself. Expect more shoots for more brands in our galleries soon, and till then take a look on our gallery and explore some interesting and also rustical locations in, believe or not, Central Zagreb!

DAMNmodels – Villy V for Rockin’ Bones

Summer is here, so it’s great time for a new summer outfit, but still scary and cool! Inspired with zombies, vampires, sceletons but also with a cute kitten named Larry, Rockin’ Bones is a perect choice for all alternative girls! Check our gallery below and our model Villy V in great summer outfits by Rockin’ Bones!

DAMNmodels – Great article in Playboy magazine (Cro)

PB Damn models-1x
Check great article about DAMNmodels in Croatian edition of Playboy magazine, June 2014. Full 6 pages (+ cover page title), 9 models and 15 great pictures. We will continue to promote our models in Croatia and worldwide. Also, our new model from Macedonia will be added very soon. Big thank you goes to Playboy editor, jurnalists and crew. Expect DAMNmodels in other newspapers and magazines very soon.

PB Damn models-2x

PB Damn models-3x

Nea Dune on Gridlink cover

Check out our model Nea Dune as covergirl of the latest album Longhena by Gridlink, a cult grindcore American band. Out Feb 19, 2014 and shoot a year earlier on her first USA tour, killer album artwork immortalized Nea sporting a unique custom-made latex plugsuit by Dawnamatrix Designs.

gridlink  gridlink

Greta Macabre in Playboy (Cro)

– Issue # 199, February 2014. (interview and presentation)
– Pages: 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25.
– Photos: Danijel Blažeka, Maja Štasni, Zoran Stanko, Boštjan Tacol, Oblak, Franjo Matković.
– Article by: Nika Ostoić

playboygreta01   playboygreta02

playboygreta03   playboygreta04