Welcome to the DAMNmodels world!

ožujak 13, 2014 in News by Villy

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Welcome to the DAMNmodels world! DAMNmodels not only promotes beauty, because DAMNmodels girls are primarily provided with their unique ‘lifestyle’, personality and distinctiveness. Pin-Up Girl, metal, gothic, punk, glam rock chick, fetish or so called ‘tattoo junkies girls’, you can’t get that with makeup and clothing. Many have tried, but it was short-lived. That’s why DAMNmodels offers girls to show what they are and what burns in their hearts, whether these are lavish and colorful fifties dresses and ‘oldtimer’ cars or dark and narrow hallways and howling beasts in shady forests. Fierce music, latex, leather, whips, insanely high platform shoes, spikes, piercings, tattoos, extravagant hairstyles and hair colors is what DAMNmodels offers you, as well as classic and timeless beauty of the most wanted Croatian Pin-up girls. DAMN! – you will say, and be absolutely right!